Jharkhand VAT
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1VAT ActAct
2The Jharkhand Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employments Act, 2011Act
3Jharkhand Entry Tax Act on Consumption or use of Goods Act,2011Act
4Jharkhand Taxation on Luxuries in Hotels Ordinance, 2011Act
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1Jharkhand Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employment Rules, 2012 Rule
2The Jharkhand Entry Tax on consumption or use of goods rules, 2011Rule
3The Jharkhand Electricity Duty (Amendment) Rules, 2012 Rule
4Jharkhand Taxation On Luxuries in Hotels Rules, 2011 Rule
5Jharkhand CST Rules (Amendment), 2006Rule
6Central Sales Tax Rules, 1957 Rule
8Entertainment Tax rules,2013(New Added)Rule
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1 Notification for Composition Renewal 
2 Notification for extension of JVAT 200 (Q) Return due date 
3 Kar Samadhan Yojna, 2015 
4 Notification regarding Exemption Yogda Satsang Society 
5 Notification regarding Exemption R K Mission, Vivekanand Society, Bistupur, Jamshedpur 
6 Notification Regarding Exemption R K Mission, Morabadi 
7 Notification Regarding Exemption R K Mission, Tupudana 
8 Notification regarding RAF - Jamsedpur 
9 Notification regarding CRPF - Tiril Ashram 
10 Notification regarding CRPF - SIMBO 
11 Notification regarding CSD 
12 Regarding Plywood Tax Rate 
13 Regarding Tobacoo Tax Rate 
14 Related to Pig Iron 
15 Related to Dharmshala 
16 ED Notification April-2015 
17 Notification Regarding LPG 
18 Notification Regarding Diesel & Petrol 
19 Notification Regarding Cess on Diesel & Petrol 
20 Process flow of SUGAM (G) in New Software (Version 2) 
21 Process flow of SUGAM (B) in New Software (Version 2) 
22 Process flow of SUGAM (P) in New Software (Version 2) 
23 Notice Regarding mandatory update for the Invalid or Structurally wrong PANs 
24 Process flow of New Registration using Common Registration Form (JCRF) in New Software (Version 2) 
25 Regarding power of officers 
26 S.O. 68 regarding Jharkhand Industrial Policy, 2012 
27 S.O. 69 regarding Jharkhand Industrial Policy, 2012 
28 S.O. 65 regarding Jharkhand Industrial Policy, 2012 
29 S.O. 66 regarding Jharkhand Industrial Policy, 2012 
30 S.O. 67 regarding Jharkhand Industrial Policy, 2012 
31 Entertainment Tax Rate 
32 Rate of Tax Of Works Contractors 
33 Exemption Regarding Canteen Stores Department 
34 Regarding Rapid Action Force 
35 Notice Regarding Training for Website 
36 Notice Regarding Training 
37 Exemption Regarding Central Master Canteen of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) 
38 Rate on Spare Parts and Components of Motor Vehicles 
39 Amedment of JVAT 407 Rules 2006 
40 Resolution & Notification Regarding Validation of Sugam G 
41 Regarding Amedment in JVAT Act 
42 Notification Regarding Version II 
43 Exemption Regarding Canteen of Border Security Force 
44 Regarding Central Master Canteen of CRPF 
45 Notification Regarding check-post offices power 
46 Notification regarding check-post offices power 
49 Notification regarding rate of Tax On Tobacco 1 
50 Canteen Stores Departments(CSD) Exemption 
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1Circular No: 248 Circular Date: 01/2016Circular regarding C.R
2Circular No: 337 Circular Date:28/01/2016Circular Regarding Updated Properity Statement
3Circular No: 10, Circular Date: 01/2012Circular related to online issuance of 'C' Form
4Circular No: 5609, Circular Date: 11/2013Circular Regarding Issuance Of Online C-form On The Basis Of Offline Payment in 1st and 2nd Quarter Of Current Year
5Circular No: 3656, Circular Date: 11/2012Circular regarding Road Permit JVAT 504G
6Circular No: 2086, Circular Date: 08/2009Circular or Office Order for IB work
7Circular No: 2293, Circular Date: 09/2009Circular related to online filing
8Circular No: 1655, Circular Date: 07/2011Circular related to online payment 1655
9Circular No: 4767, Circular Date: 12/2010Circular related to online payment
10Circular No: 4284, Circular Date: 10/2010Circular related to online filing 4284
11Circular No: 1663, Circular Date: 07/2011Circular related to online registration
12Circular No: 6081, Circular Date: 12/2013Circular Regarding Sugam B(JVAT504B)
13Circular No: 3224, Circular Date: 10/2012Circular related to Online CST Amendment
14Circular No: 387, Circular Date: 02/2014Circular Regarding Online Issuance of Form 'F'
15Circular No: 6102, Circular Date: 12/2013Circular Regarding Sugam P(JVAT504P)
16Circular No: 929, Circular Date: 03/2012Circular related to Minor Act( L.no.929)
17Circular No: 2499, Circular Date: 08/2012Circular related to online CST registration
18Circular No: 57, Circular Date: 01/2014Circular Regarding Sugam(G,B and P) Cancellation
19Circular No: 5696, Circular Date: 11/2013Circular Regarding Tax Composition scheme
20Circular No: 3777, Circular Date: 12/2012Circular related to online registration of Electricity Duty
21Circular No: 918, Circular Date: 02/2010L.No. 918 Related to Pending Cases
22L.No. 2499 dt 13.07.2015Circular for JPT resolution
23Circular No: 1209, Circular Date: 05/2011L.No. 1209 related to JVAT Act amendment
24Circular Date: 06/2013Circular Regarding exemption from online issuance JVAT-504B for Dealers of taxable turnover of more than Rs.200 Crore
25Circular No: 157, Circular Date: 01/2012Notice related to facilitation center of e-services
26Circular No: 3554, Circular Date: 11/2012Circular regarding Professional Tax
27Circular No: 155, Circular Date: 01/2013Circular Regarding e-Road Permit(2)
28Circular No: 15, Circular Date: 08/2013Circular related to Secret Service(ss) fund
29Circular No: 5241, Circular Date: 09/2013Circular related to SUGAM(P)
30Circular No: 862, Circular Date: 03/2014Regarding Validity Extension of Sugam B(JVAT504B)
31Circular No: 555, Circular Date: 02/2014Circular Regarding Sugam G(JVAT 504G)
32Circular No: 852, Circular Date: 03/2014Regarding Validity Extension of Sugam P(JVAT504P)
33Circular No: 852, Circular Date: 03/2014Circular Regarding Transit Pass
34Circular regrding Return Revised dt 04.11.2015Circular regrding Return Revised dt 04.11.2015
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1 VAT Forms
2 Jharkhand Central Sales Tax Rules, 2006
3 Advertisment Tax Act Forms