Tax consideration has a significant influence on business and investment decisions, be it with respect to domestic or international transactions. Effective tax structuring and planning ensures that organisation remain competitive in today's complex business environment.

We, at Seth & Seth, assist our clients to achieve risk adjusted tax optimization by providing thought through tax structuring advice.

Our team of experienced and skilled professionals deliver comprehensive solutions to cater to dynamic needs of our client's business. This is achieved by in-depth understanding of client's requirements, judicial precedents and anticipating future trends.

Corporate Tax

With increasing focus of the Indian Government on widening the tax base and collection of revenue, tax compliance assumes key role and poses greater challenges for Corporates and non-corporates alike. Our team of expert professionals will help achieve the much desired objective of tax compliance coupled with minimizing compliance cost. Our team of professionals also helps the Client to explore possibilities of tax planning while keeping tax compliance at the centre.

To achieve this much desired objective, we at Seth & Seth, provide specialised services in the area of:

  • Filing of return.
  • Advice on withholding tax, advance tax,
  • Advice on tax consequences of various transactions, etc.
  • Representation before Tax Authorities in assessment/appeal proceedings
  • Tax planning

Our focus is to tailor our extensive range of services according to the requirements of the client.

Transfer Pricing

Compliance with transfer pricing regulations plays a significant role in pricing arrangements in international transactions among Associated Enterprises. The international transactions include transfers of intellectual property, tangible goods, services, loans or other financing transactions.

At Seth & Seth, we offer services encompassing:-
  • Advisory
  • Audit
  • Representation before tax authorities

Our main focus lies in offering advice which integrates both commercial considerations and tax considerations with our vast experience and expertise.

Private Individuals

Dealing with your personal tax affairs is an essential task in maximizing quality of life as well as enabling you to plan for a more abundant future. However, the complexities of ever-changing tax regulations along with sometimes cumbersome record-keeping requirements can prove discouraging for many people.

Tax Structuring

With globalization and rapid industrial growth and to survive in the most competitive environment, corporate structuring has become order of the day. There are attendant complex tax issues on such structuring. We at Seth & Seth, provide comprehensive services on tax efficient structuring in the areas of:

  • Structuring of business transaction.
  • Business rearrangement/reorganization including mergers, demergers, acquisitions, etc.
  • Compensation Structuring.

Indirect Tax

Service Tax
  • Registration under Service tax.
  • Consultancy for maintenance of proper records.
  • Consultancy for proper accounting for Service tax.
  • Consultancy on various issues relating to Service Tax.
  • Compilation of data of Cenvat credit.
  • Assistance in availment of notified Abatements.
  • Utilization and availment of service tax credit in accordance with the Service Tax Credit Rules, 2002.
  • Computation of Service tax payable.
  • Preparation and filing Returns.
  • Getting assessments done